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What Is Prompt Suite?

Prompt Suite is an office management solution- Software as a Service (Saas), that consist of a group of applications that interact with and related to each other to address various areas of operation in an organization.



Prompt HR is a cloud-based integrated human resource management solution that helps small to mid-organizations in any industry manage the entire employee lifecycle. Prompt HR tools include a web-based manager and available on mobile applications. Users can store and find all HR documents and employees data on a centralized platform.  

Our HR technology that saves time, powerful analytics that provide      actionable insights and dedicated support from HR experts. 

  • Attendance  
  • Leave  
  • Claim  
  • Employee Self-Service  


Prompt Care: solicit and manage feedback and data from your customers in a centralized location. Prompt care transforms customer feedback into actionable information and enables the distribution of that information throughout an organization.  


Prompt Procurehelps small to large enterprises streamline the entire supply chain lifecycle, from product sourcing to order management. It enables users to handle purchase requests, approval workflows, order reconciliation and blockchain payments.  

  • Supplier Self- Service  
  • Integrated Payment  
  • Performance Indicator
  • Insight Decision 


Why Prompt?

User-Friendly Tools

A simple workplace solution that is comfortable to usePrompt Suite help you improve productivity and enhance employees’ workflows without having to jump around multiple applications. 

Wide accessibility

Built in major browsers and mobile device compatibility on a secure platform. 

Process Management

Reduce paperwork and save your administration time by automating manual tasks and auto-populating data across the platform. 

Technical Specifications


Devices Supported


Customer Types


Support Types